February 3, 2014

Writing Locales

     Do you have a dedicated space to write?  I have a desk with my computer.  I can listen to music and even open the shades a bit so I get some nice rays of sun while I work.  But I don't always work from my desk.  I like to do my brainstorming, outlining, and planing away from the distractions offered by my computer.  There are plenty of other places to do writing work or even actual writing.  The thing to think of is "What works for you?"  Or rather, "Where works for you?"  If you like to get plenty of sun and enjoy the myriad of outdoor sounds, you could try parks and gardens.  Even your own patio or backyard can serve as enough of a scene change to get your creativity in gear or sharpen your focus.  I often like to go to the coffee shop to do some out lining and brainstorming.  Especially when I am working on blog posts.  Part of it is the myriad of sounds.  My friend, Lacy, turned me on to Coffitivity.  It is a great site that gives you the sounds of being in a coffee shop.  Which can be great to work to if silence is not your thing.

    There are lots of different places to work.  There are libraries and book stores, if the tempting books won't lure you away from your work.  I have even gone to restaurants or buffets by myself and worked there over lunch.  Howard Tayler, creator of Schlock Mercenary, does a part of his work process at a gaming store.  There are plenty of options out there.  You just have to open your mind to the possibilities and be aware of the pros and cons.

    So tell me, where have you tried or succeeded in writing?  

Writing Exercise:  A New Locale

    Pick a location you have been in the last 48 hours.  Pick five words that describe the location in some fashion.  Now write a short piece or poem about a fictional location that uses those five words.  The fictional location does not have to be the same kind of place as the real one.  You only need to use the five words.


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