August 11, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Busy, Busy, Relax

A collection of items arranged as a collage on a small wooden table.  Words written on cut out white paper reads: Things I Love Thursday.  Assorted items in collage include: A mint and white teacup and saucer filled with crystal stones, a quartz pendulum, and a plastic macaroon.  A walnut, two (2) red hearts, a snail wearing a black beret, two (2) strands of stone beads (purple fluorite and green aventurine), a bottle of purple nail polish, a pink rose, a silver colored seven pointed star candle holder, a small tan tea pot, a note pad in summery colors with the image of a popsicle on it, and a decorative pen.

    It has been busy.  I have had a few times here and there to rest, but I still feel like it has been nearly constant.  First the trip to Virginia.  That including three days in a car both ways and then a sweltering climate not unlike that in the part of Texas I live in with plenty of physical activity.  Then GISHWHES.  That is always a bit insane.  I tried to take it easy, but it was still a lot. Then a trip to visit another frind.  So now I am taking some time just to stay home and play Eve Online and tidy up.

    My desk is nice and clean.  I have a few small stacks of papers to go through and deal with.  I have had Eve Online for a few days now and am looking forward to getting further and further into the content and exploration.  So here is my gratitude list for the week and probably some of the vacation and events.
  • Going to NOLA.  That seems to be what a lot of the places there called it.  New Orleans.  
  • Getting crazy stuff dun for art and fun.  Death to Normalcy.  
  • Dressing in lolita for GISHWHES again.  I was a snack fairy.  
  • Adorable plushies.  Have I told you I got a cute little mandrake sprout plushie from another player.  So cute.  
  • I tried beignets.  They were tasty.  
  • I visited a voodoo shop in NOLA.  It was interesting.  It had different stuff from different spiritual practices.  I'd like to learn more about it though just so that I am educated.  
  • I finally got my hands on an angled flashlight, with colored lenses.  
  • Doing things to make people happy.  Because we really need more of that in this world.  
  • Going to a place where gender was irrelevant.  I could use any bathroom and no one questioned my fluid gender and they all respected pronouns.  
  • Tasty tea! 
  • Trying new teas and talking to others who like tea.  
  • Not being in a car.  
  • Putting my new gold colored date book to use.  
  • Getting back into Eve Online
  • Asexual positive comics and cartoons What is this from?  
  • Photos from the event! 

    So how have you been?  Share some of your joys with us!  <3
Lilian A. Brennan


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