September 25, 2013

13 Autumn Goals

     I love challenging myself.  Nanowrimo and The Day Zero Project have been very good to me.  They have pushed me to do better and do more.  It always feels great to achieve what you set out to do.  Especially in a world where sometimes it feels like the odds are stacked against you.  After seeing this post on The Day Zero Project tumblr, I wanted to create a list of goals for fall of my own.  I started to brainstorm and discussed the idea with some friends, including Lacy from Night Lights and Day Dreams and Jenn from  Spa With Jenn.  I decided to share the project here and see if anyone else was interested in it.  If this works well, I might do it again for winter.

     The idea is to create a list of 13 goals to complete during autumn.  I chose the number 13 because that is the number of weeks in each season.  Not so many that it will get overwhelming and not so few that it is too easy unless all the tasks are difficult.  The list can be fairly casual or very challenging depending on what you choose to do.  With help I created a list of guidelines to keep a variety in the goals.   Before I lay out the guidelines, notice that if you add up all the numbers down there you come up with 15.  But there are only supposed to be 13 goals?  No worries.  Look at these as elements or qualities that some of your goals need to have.  The idea is to use more than one of the elements to create a goal.  I will give some examples below on how this could work.  But first the list of elements:

  • 1 item needs to be difficult (at least one thing on this list really needs to challenge you)
  • 1 financial goal 
  • 1 item needs to benefit someone else (an act of kindness, volunteer work, etc.)
  • 1 item should be something you are doing for the first time. (Try something new.)  
  • At least 2 items should involve a group or being social.  (You don’t have to speak in public, but at least do something with friends)
  • 3 items should be based on the season
  • 3 items need to be creative 
  • 3 items need to make you smile. (Do something you will be proud of or that will make you happy)

     Here are some examples of goals that would involve more than one of the elements.

  1. Carving a pumpkin would be creative and fall themed.  It may also cause smiling.  
  2. Have you ever made a pecan pie?  That would count as trying something new, being creative, autumn themed, and you could do it with someone else.  Especially if they know how to bake one and can teach you.    That is four elements in one goal.  

     Once you have come up with goals, using the guidelines above, if you still have goals to create those goals are entirely up to you.  Use your imagination.

     What do you think?  Want to make the most of the season with me?  Autumn(spring in the southern hemisphere) started this week on Sunday.  The last day of the season is December 20th.  The following day being the winter solstice, the longest night of the year.  That gives us about twelve and a half weeks to come up with and complete 13 different goals.  What are we waiting for?  Let’s create some fun!


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