September 22, 2013

Hello World

When it began, I decided that I wanted to live. I didn't do anything differently. It was merely a slow changing in my thoughts that began to occur. As my thoughts began to change, I began to imagine the life I would like to live. Where and how and doing what. I would imagine with deep longing for these hopes that would never be. I did not believe I could do or have those things, so I did nothing. Then at some point I decided to live and this is where everything changed. I decided that I could have those things and I would have those things. I decided I was not satisfied with the monotony. I wanted out of life what following the path could never offer me. I do not want to live the dream that is paved out for us. I want to live my dream. I am on a track to live my dreams and make my life fit me, instead of bending and contorting myself and soul to fit the life that is shaped in my surroundings. Longer than I can remember I have always been a storyteller. In high school I had the opportunity to take classes that allowed me to practice the art of words. But that is not all I am. I am a scholar. I love to learn. And I have seen a concept of such beauty to me, which I must in my lifetime study until I can comprehend it. Yet my love for words has never died and every day I think of writing.
So I will write and study and share. Will you join me on this adventure?


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