September 30, 2013

My 13 Autumn Goals For 2013

Well I have drawn up my 13 goals for autumn.  I decided I would put them up really quick.  If you don't know what I am talking about here is the original post.  13 Autumn Goals.  And here are my 13 goals for autumn of 2013.

  1. Write 60K words for Nanowrimo
  2. Buy a cozy Japanese futon
  3. Make a donation to the local Girl Scout Council
  4. Draw up a decor plan for my home that I can use for reference.  Include colors, motifs, and theme.  
  5. Go with friends to a museum, exhibit, or gallery.  Maybe even the aquarium.
  6. Host a lolita meet-up
  7. Try a seasonal tea
  8. Learn to use the program GIMP 
  9. Craft and mail Autumn cards
  10. Learn at least three new recipes (bonus for using seasonal ingredients) 
  11. Read two books
  12. Decorate for autumn
  13. Learn some conversational French.  

Also my friend Lacy has posted her goals for the challenge.  Go check her list out here.  


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