September 30, 2013



So what are your plans for this November? Do they involve big meals and family gatherings?  Let me ask you another question.  Do you enjoy writing?  Have you ever thought of writing a novel?  How do you feel about awesomely crazy challenges?   On November the first, hundreds of thousands of amazing people will start typing their way to their noveling goal.  What is that goal?  And why are they all starting at the same time?    Fifty Thousand Words!! And NaNoWriMo!!!  Fifty thousand words is no small feat.  But it is not impossible, I promise.  Lots of wrimos(NaNoWriMo participants) have succeeded.  Many have even gone on to be published.  See a list of some of them on the official NaNoWriMo website.  This will be my fifth year participating in NaNoWriMo.  How about you?  Do you have an idea that is percolating?  Even if you have no clue what you would write it’s okay.  You can still participate if you want.  Plenty of wrimos “write by the seat of their pants.”(<--Not my words)  Join us this November for a literary adventure you’ll not soon forget.  Learn more and begin your adventure at
NaNoWriMo webbadge of 2012.  More available at

Last week I asked you to do a short piece about a physical activity you enjoy doing.  Here is what I wrote about bicycling.

Riding My Bicycle

By Lilian Brennan

I hear the soft clicking from my wheels.  Perhaps the fenders or the spokes.  Such a small noise.

As my journey starts, I pump my legs with a negligible amount of effort.

I hear one bird apart from the rest chirping periodically.  It amuses me.  The rest of the world a field of gentle auditory clatter.

I stop pedaling and lean into the next lane.  I glide through the momentarily vacant road.  An easy maneuver.

The smell of not just cut, but recently cut grass catches my attention.  A floral pollen smell permeates everything and I imagine that those with bad allergies find this smell more than unpleasant.

I begin to pump my legs with more effort and move my speed to a good pacing.

The air as it seems to rush by catches the tips of my hair and pulls it back in a near tickle.

This is my feeling of freedom.

So did anyone else write something?

Writing Exercise: Description Exercise

This week, pick an item.  Any inanimate object.  Describe the item in detail.  However, do not use the name of the item.  Try describing the item in such a way as to illustrate what it is.  Ask a friend to read the passage.  Can they tell you what you were describing?


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