October 16, 2013

Ada Lovelace Day, Lolita, and NaNo Prep

    Here is another slice of lice collection of links and my thoughts.

Science, Women, and Ada Lovelace Day

    So I learned yesterday that it was Ada Lovelace Day.  Have you heard of her?  Here are a couple links if you haven’t.  I remember had a series of heroine shirts.  The ones I remember were Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, and Mary Shelley.  Most of them have been retired.  However, it seems the Marie Curie Babydoll is still available.  I really do love reading about women in history both in STEM fields and outside of them.  I wish they had been covered more in school.  Perhaps I can plan a fun, educational day trip for next year as a way of celebrating women in STEM careers on Ada Lovelace Day.  Also, I need to grab me one of these Lego mini figs.

Lolita and Cute Fashion

    I've been having a blast exploring the blogosphere.  Especially the Lolita Blog Carnival posts and generally just finding new lolita bloggers.  One of my favorite bloggers (and one of the ones I have been following the longest), Caro from F Yeah Lolita, posted about her first attempts with circle lenses.  My First Time Wearing Circle Lenses, Courtesy of Simply-Subtle  I have seen these darling lenses associated with lolita for years now and the more I look at them the more the idea is growing on me to try them myself.  Recently posted to EGL was a video of the “Fashion Show of the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna.”  It was a good quality video and I loved the chance to see the fashion show.  Maybe some day I can go to one of the lolita brand events in person.  I was particularly fond of The Chocolate Chess JSK and The new Gargoyles of Notre-Dame JSK.


Writing and Nano Prep

    Creating an entire world is no easy task.  I recently asked about advice on creating a magic system and was directed to Sanderson’s Laws by Avery from Zero's Journey.  I only in the last week happened upon her blog and I look forward to more of her posts.  I have read half of Brandon Sanderson's essays on the topic of magic systems so far.  I am hoping to finish reading the other half by the end of today.  I have also been going through episodes of Writing Excuses tagged magic.  Here are links to Sanderson’s Laws of Magic.
Sanderson’s First Law
Sanderson’s Second Law
Sanderson’s Third Law of Magic
I am hoping to have some semblance of an outline and a much better understanding of the magic in my world by Halloween night.  Just in time for NaNoWriMo.

    Hope your Ada Lovelace Day was great.  What have you been into lately?  


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