October 23, 2013

Dreaming of Decor: Bedroom

Victorian House
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    It seems like I always enjoyed watching decorating shows, admiring design and observing architecture.  Ever since I was young, I loved the look of Victorian houses.  The bold colors and attention to detail made me dream of what it would be like to live in such a beautiful home.  That is one of the reasons that when I first say lolita fashion I fell in love.  It was gorgeous and so detailed and elegant.

    I have never been one for the sweet lolita-styled bedroom though.  They are cute and very pretty.  However, they don't match my taste for decor.  I prefer darker colors.  I like dark fantasy art, fairies, and dragons.  I enjoy 1:12 scale miniatures, dried flowers and vintage treasures.

Alain Viesca Illustrations
My two beloved Alain Viesca Illustrations.  I'd like to get them framed.

    As was part of my goals I have been dreaming about what my bedroom could look like.  Though I cannot paint the walls where I am living there is no harm in dreaming of my someday room.  If I keep my someday room in mind when picking out furniture and decor, I am essentially building my someday room now.

little treasures
Some of my little treasures.

    When I think of my ideal bedroom, I imagine dark, rich colors with antiqued brass.  I think of gazing up at the stars in an enchanted forest.  As whimsical and fanciful as that statement may sound it gives me an idea to base some of my decorating choices around.   I would paint the walls a deep green and the ceiling would be a dark blue.  Ideally I'd like to paint constellations and little star clusters on the ceiling.  They would be based off of real star formations.  It would add another layer of surrealism if they glowed in the dark.  I would use dark wood furniture and adorn the walls with some of the beautiful art pieces I have collected.  A motif of stars and mythical creatures would be a wonderful touch.  This is certainty not a complete picture, still I think this is a wonderful start for my dream bedroom.

    What do you imagine your dream bedroom looks like?  Tell me in the comments.

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