October 1, 2013

October Try-its

Try-its!  What are try-its?  Try-its are the former name for the girl scout badges for the brownie level.  Cute little triangular shaped badges they get for of course trying and learning new things.

I like to start the month off with a list of things I want to try.  Try to do.  Try to taste.  Try to see.  Sometimes it is a more focused list of my bigger goals and sometimes it includes websites and blogs I have been meaning to take the time to explore and sometimes it is just a list of things I need to finish.  When the end of the month rolls around I see what all I have checked off and make a new list for the next month.
This month I would like to:

  1. Check out a site brought to my attention by a friend.  The site is called “Tiny Buddha” 
  2. Get prepared for Nanowrimo.  I am a planner and I want all my resources laid out when November the first rolls in.  
  3. Get the program GIMP and start studying tutorials.  Which means I also need to find tutorials.
  4. Play more French in the background.  
  5. Write down my a theme for each room and collect paint swatches.  
  6. Finish one book and start another one.  
  7. Decorate for autumn.

So what are you focusing on this month?


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