October 9, 2013

Taking Time For Myself

    After a little more than a day and a half of staying inside to recover from my weekend of volunteering I decided that I needed to get out and do something.  I still felt fairly worn out, so I dressed my self up a little.  Black slacks, a long sleeve white blouse, one of my gorgeous and versatile pashminas, and a stylish jacket.  The weather has been a little chillier this week.  Proof that it is fall I suppose, but as this is Texas it might be sweltering again in a few days.  I donned a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry and put on some basic make up.  I don't personally wear makeup for anyone but myself.  It is an art form to me.  It is  a space of time I spend entirely dedicated to myself.  I think everyone should spend some time each day just for themselves.  Whether they spend it doing make up, meditating, or perhaps listening to their favorite music.  It is good to forget the rest of the world and just spend a few moments with yourself.  I packed some work to take with me should I feel like doing it.  Then putting on my favorite, androgynous hat walked out the door.  I would normally take the bike.  It is such a high to ride without a destination.  However, I had no desire for such exertion of energy.  I wanted to walk and enjoy the weather.  It was cool and still.  The sun was bright and warm when it hit me.  I walked down to the coffee shop to have some tea and a little snack.  A little change of scenery is always a great way to get my energy going again.  I sat there thinking, listening, and observing.  When I had emptied my drink, I picked up my things and walked back home.  The moon was in a fine, slender waxing crescent.  I feel much better after my walk.  What are some of the things you do to recuperate after big events or projects?


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