October 10, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: Realms Con

    This week has been so busy.  I worked at the convention and met all sorts of people.  How is your week going?

  • Seeing humming birds for the first time in what seems like forever.
  • Experimenting with blending lipstick colors.
  • Helping friends. (Worked at Realms con)
  • Seeing other lolitas in person.  
  • Finally finding an adorably cute little cupcake for my key chain.  
  • Sleeping for eight hours.  
  • Steam punks.  They are cool, crafty, innovative people.  Special shout out to the crew of Air Ship Isabella!  
  • Talking about hats and making hats.  
  • A great TEDxSF Talk by Mel Robbins TEDxSF - Mel Robbins - F--- YOU - How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over
  • Just hanging out in the local bookstore.  
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Listening to the silence once in a while
  • Going for walks
  • Brainstorming about my NaNoWriMo project and having an epiphany.  


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