November 6, 2013

Dreaming of Decor: Bathroom

    Now for another installment of Dreaming of decor.  Today I will be talking about the salle de bain.  I have been brushing up on my French.  For me the bathroom is not just a room to clean oneself and leave.  It is a small haven of luxury.  Or at least I think it should be.  A place where you can take the time to care for yourself and your grooming.  It should be relaxing and pleasing to the eyes.  Filled with smells and possibly sounds that help you unwind.

Image from The Graphics Fairy

    Where as the sweet lolita styled bedroom is not to my taste.  The bathroom seems like a very good place to indulge in the soft pastels and sweet themes of the style.  My dream bathroom would be styled with a little french macron shop as inspiration.  A pastel color palette consisting of primarily mint, blue, purple, and pink.  With a nice cream color as the neutral.  White would be too stark and hard on the eyes.

Eiffel Tower
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    I would like to fill the bathroom with photos and illustrations of France, the macron shop Ladurée, and some other sweet themes that blend well with the two.  Some lovely scented soaps and lotions always make a great addition to any bathroom.  I could hunt through antique and thrift shops for a pretty vintage dish to display extra soaps in.  And what better excuse than pampering myself to buy some really nice quality towels and washcloths in pastel colors.

Purple Flowers
Picture taken on one of my bike trips.

     This really gets me thinking of the different projects I could craft, make or modify for decorating.  I'd like to try making a mason jar of potpourri.  It would have pastel fabric and lace.  The scents would include vanilla.  I am not sure what else to blend with vanilla though.  I love the smell of rose and sandalwood together.  It is a beautiful smell that I love in my soaps when I can get it.  I wonder if those two scents would work with vanilla.  Perhaps an experiment for the future.  I have a few cute cupcake puzzles that I might be able to put into use.  With a little puzzle glue and a nice frame, personalized art.  I may even get some use out of GIMP.  I love to take pictures of flowers.  If I could alter the colors of some of those pictures that could be some really nice results.

mini cupcake puzzles.
My collection of mini cupcake puzzles.

    It is rather entertaining to think about my own decorating choices.  With the number of crafty things I could do to spruce up the bathroom this seems quite like the room to start with.  I must wait till December though.  Or I will never get anything done for NaNoWriMo.  Perhaps I can post progress of the crafts I end up doing here.

    Here are some places I will be looking for inspiration for my salle de bain.
Search: Ladurée on Pinterest
Search: France on Pinterest
Search: Ladurée on Etsy
Search: sweet lolita decor on Pinterest

    How about you?  What do you think about the bathroom?  Should it be a haven or just practical?  What would you want in your bathroom?  Until next time, keep dreaming.


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