November 20, 2013

What Has Been Distracting Me From NaNoWriMo


    So much science to read about, learn about, and watch.  There really is.  I have loved learning and exploring for a rather long time.  Astronomy and space are a special interest for me and the internet has made getting access to information on the sciences I love simple.  From blogs to podcasts to virtual hang outs and star parties.  There are so many opportunities out there not only to learn, but also to get involved and meet people.  After going to the virtual star party last month I have really had to be disciplined not to spend my writing time gazing through other peoples telescopes via the internet.  One event I had planned on allowing myself was the launching of MAVEN.  I have no clue how long I have been waiting for this mission.  I first heard of it some years ago.  The very subject matter of the mission really intrigued me.  Really go check out what they are doing over at NASA with MAVEN.  There is really so much science out there.  To put all the things I have been checking out into this one blurb would do them no justice.  I really must do a longer post some time on all the spacey things.

Thanksgiving Greetings with Turkey
Image from Antique Images

Thanksgiving and Baking

    It is Thanksgiving time.  I get to enjoy some of my favorite seasonal pies.  Like mincemeat.  I love mincemeat pie.  I also love sweet potato pie and buttermilk pie.  Buttermilk is available most the year though.  I need to learn how to make these pies at home.  I'd like to start by learning a basic pie crust.  I will have to go see if Alton Brown has any videos and recipes for this.  He probably does.  Baking!  I need to crack out some of the sweets from my oven for the upcoming gathering.  Pumpkin marble cheesecake is my traditional addition to the Thanksgiving feast.  Though I would like to have some other offering in addition.  Not that anyone will turn down cheesecake.  I have been wanting to make something new with pumpkin, but I just haven't made time between everything else.  I think pumpkin muffins would be delicious or a pumpkin loaf of some kind.  Something that could be eaten for breakfast.  These are very distracting thoughts from NaNoWriMo.  And with thanksgiving a week away I need to start baking or it will sneak up on me.

New and Interesting Things

    The internet has no lack of new and interesting things.  Or rather things I have yet to learn of or want to know more about.  Take science for example.  I have been filling up a folder of bookmarks that I just can't look at now, because I really need to be writing.  I think one of my try-its for December will be going through all those bookmarks.  Yeah, 45 links and counting.  I really have my work cut out for me there.  New blogs and people to follow.  Bloglovin' has been a good bit of fun.  Twitter!  Twitter is so distracting.  It is compelling, educating (depending on who you are following), and encouraging.  But all the links and tidbits I want to know more about.  I am simply going to have to shut that window down while I am writing.  I had to shut it down just to write this post.  And, oh the bane of my productivity, Pinterest!  It starts so innocently.  Let me just check out this board.  Before I know it an hour and a half has passed!  But there are really some great things to discover and if I am really careful I can find some really great info and inspiration there for my noveling.  It is a slippery slope though.

1917 Vintage Pump
Image from Antique Images


    Between lolita and dandy and all sorts of other fabric wonders, I am in love with ascetics.  It can be just so fun to see how you can transform a dress or a shirt and pants by using different accessories.  Just check out some of these Lolita Blog Carnival posts 1 dress 5 outfit challenge.  Go to the bottom of Megan's post for the links to the other blogs that participated in the challenge.  I had some fun yesterday thrifting with a friend.  We both founds some cute things.  I found a cute olive brown bolero that I think will look quiet smashing with my Eat me Ink me Wine Lover skirt.  

    These are just some of the things that have been distracting me from my writing.  What has been distracting you this month?  


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