December 11, 2013

Dreaming of Decor: The Sitting Room

Hanging Lanterns
Found these lanterns at World Market 

    The sitting room is by far the easiest of all my dream rooms to actually start on right now.  Is there a room you want to work on that you already have things you want to decorate it with?  Why haven't you gotten started?  To busy?  Need help?  Afraid of redecorating?  I say, let's make time.  Call a friend over and get them to help you. (Especially if it requires you up on a ladder or something.) Or put on your favorite tunes and just get to it.

    For a long time, or most of my life, I have been slowly collecting maps.  I am not sure when I first became interested in them, but I used to have them all over my bedroom growing up.  They are all stashed away now, but that will change very soon.

    My dream sitting room would have taupe colored walls which will be adored with maps.  Antique maps, modern maps, fantasy maps.  Decorations will also include globes or rather 3-dimensional maps.  I currently only have an Earth globe that is likely closing in on 20 years old.  I would like to eventually add a Mars and Moon globe to the collection.  Yes they make those.  To accompany the map collection I would also like to adorn the room with treasures from around the world.  Moroccan lanterns, colorful throw pillows and rugs.  I would use floor setting and low tables.  Maybe some bamboo plants and incense.  It would just eventually turn into one glorious collection.  A perfect place to have tea.

   I can not paint where I live now, but I have my maps and they shall soon don the walls in all their mappy glory.  Decorating can be lots of fun.  Let me know about your decorating adventures.


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