December 28, 2013

My 13 Winter Goals List

Winter Landscape and Steps
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    It took me some time to decide exactly what I wanted to focus on this season.  I think that is better for goal setting though than just throwing together some goals.  After thinking about it I realized that I really wanted to work on things that would make me happy.  Almost everything on the list will make me happy.  I am not sure if I will like yoga, but do we ever know if we will like something we have never done before.  Number six scares me and I know it will make me happy when I finish it.  I will likely enjoy it while I am working on it too, however it frightens me at the moment.  Hence it is my difficult task.  I think I would like to have a third draft done of the project by the end of 2014.  And that scares me even more.

    Number five follows in the thread of dreaming of decor.  I have been living here for some time and I have only decorated a little bit.  Now armed with a stool all I need is to assert myself.  For number four I'd like to donate some money to a cause.  I am not sure which yet, but I will keep a pot till the end of the season.  A friend introduced me to a savings challenge where you save for a full year putting one more dollar in than you did the week prior.  For that challenge you end the year of saving with $1,378.  If you use the same method over 13 weeks you end with $91.  That is a respectable donation I think.

    Number one is fairly open.  I simply want to make more time for crafting and working with my hands.  So I am going to try to craft at least five different items.  I am going to keep my toe nails painted, because it makes me happy.  They are gold right now.  I haven't decided what color to make them next.  I certainly look forward to frolicking with my fellow lolitas more.  And the end of winter and beginning of spring have a few events I love to go to each year.  This list makes me really happy and aside from the writing goal I don't think it will be too tough on me.

    I will be keeping track of my list over at the Day Zero Project site.  Here is my profile.  If you have a profile there just friend me and I will friend back.  I love to cheer people on with their goals.  Have you made a list of 13 Winter Goals?  If you missed the post about it or need a refresher here is the post on how to make your own list.  There are 12 weeks of winter left.  Let's make them awesome and productive.

My 13 Winter Goals 

  1. Craft 5 things.  (Bonus: Something season related)
  2. Buy a Japanese futon
  3. Get a massage
  4. Donate to something
  5. Decorate home
  6. Skeleton plot, maps, and other information for my current writing project
  7. Keep toe nails painted
  8. Attend a lolita meet-up
  9. Keep a Radical Self Love Bible
  10. Try Yoga
  11. Make a winter themed meal or tea spread (Bonus: Invite a friend or two)
  12. Attend at least one of my annual events
  13. Read 2 books


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