December 12, 2013

Things I Love Thursday: In All Our Loli Glory

    Went to my first lolita meet up on International Lolita Day.  It was awesome.  We came out in all of our lacy, ribbony, adorable glory.  We oohed and cooed and ogled all the cute things.  It was great fun and I can't wait to hang out with the group again.  This has been a pretty social week over all.

  • Playing the Sims 3
  • Playable ghosts on the Sims 3
  • Dressing up in lolita whether I am going anywhere or not.  
  • Hanging out with Jenn, playing the Sims 3 and painting our nails
  • Meat Loaf - Wasted Youth
  • Not many 8tracks this week:
  • Going to a lolita meet up!!!!!!
  • Tea.  Bought new tea this week.  
  • This adorable photo shoot
  • Taking time to lose myself in hobbies and gaming
  • Finding a new work process for my story.  Massive outlining project.
  • Thinking about goals
  • Buying books
It has been a great but exhausting week.  How has yours been?  


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