December 16, 2013

You Should Be Writing!

Typewriter Girl Vintage
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    Yes.  Yes, I should be writing.  It is not as though I have writers block or that I don't feel like writing.  Why just Saturday I was shoving things out of my way so I could type out a few lines before they escaped my mind.  It is merely that I have not made time to write.  I intended to write on several occasions this month.  Good intentions will only go so far.  It is time to buckle down and do the work.  Today I present you with two pieces to help motivate you and encourage you to continue on your writing journey now that November is over.

    Over on the blog for the Office of Letters and Light they recently put up this piece by Julie Murphy.  NaNo Coach: Pushing Past the Land of First Drafts

    Writing Excuses has a good podcast on getting the work done.  Writing Excuses Episode 16: Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard

    And with those let us all proceed forward into our writing lives.  But first here is an exercise.

Writing Exercise 

    For this weeks exercise listen to the Writing Excuses episode and follow the prompt they give at the end.  


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