January 31, 2014

The Month of Letters Challenge

Woman reading a letter
Image from Antique Images

    This past week I learned about an interesting month long challenge.  The Month of Letters Challenge!  Conceived by the wonderful author Mary Robinette Kowal, this is a challenge to send something by mail every day in the month of February that the postal service is running.  You are also to respond to everyone who writes you.  Imagine all the non-bill related snail mail you and your friends could be getting if you all took up this fun challenge.  Get your friends near and far to join you this February and write to each other.  Or perhaps just send little goodies or trinkets in the mail.

    I quite enjoy letter writing.  It is far more personal.  You can choose a lovely card or pick out the perfect paper.  I mean have you ever gotten a scented email?  I trust not. Even the envelope is customizable.  Stamp choice, size, paper type and color.  You can even still send letters with real wax seals on them.  trust me I do it all the time.    I had already decided that I wanted to send more letters this year and as such had set the goal of sending at least 52 letters or notes.  So when I learned about this challenge I was thrilled to participate.  By completing this challenge I will get 46% of my year's letter goal in a single month.  How awesome is that?  I may even convince some of my sweet friends to take up this old time means of communication.

    Do you like writing letters?  When was the last time you sent something through the post?  Would you like to try out this fun challenge?  Here is more info both at Mary Robinette Kowal's website and the The Month of Letters Challenge website.  As always have fun and try something new.  Or in this case old.



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