January 2, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: First TiLT of 2014

Memory Jar
My 2013 Memory Jar

    This is my first TiLT post of 2014.  Could your life use more positivity?  Do you ever feel like nothing goes your way?  There are a lot of things that we can not control.  Our attitudes however can make a huge impact on how we feel.  And on how others perceive us.  I well know how frustrating it can be when someone tells you to just change your attitude though.  Changing your attitude takes time and effort.  However, little steps will make a big difference over time.  My life has become much more positive since I started doing these lists.  I think everyone could benefit from writing a gratitude list.  Taking some time out of each week to take note of the good things and write them down so you can see them later.  It is a great practice that I learned from Gala Darling.  If you want to be more positive and happier in 2014, give gratitude lists a try.  Here is this weeks list.  

    So what did you love this week?  


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