January 6, 2014

Writing Exercise: A Chaotic Interview in the Making

Girl on the telephone.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

Writing Exercise

        This week I have an interesting writing exercise for you.  It calls for two people.  The two of you will be writing an interview.  But it is not as straight forward as it may sound.  Each of you will only write one side of the interview.  Decide who will be the interviewer and who will be the interviewee.  Now go write seperately.  Do not discuss any details beyond who is the interviewer and the interviewee.

    In isolation of each other write out some basic details about your assigned characters.

    For the interviewer: What is your character's name?  Who or what do they write for?  Add other details as you see fit.  Then write out ten questions to ask the interviewee.

    For the interviewee:  What is your character's name?  What do they do?  Add other details as you see fit.  Then write out ten answers.  (I know you don't know what the questions are and that is okay.  That is part of the fun. Trust me.)

    Reconvene.  How do your questions fit together?  Probably not well.  But that is okay.  We are going for amusing here.  So on that note, just reorder the the questions and answers as you like.  (Whether that be for a little more coherency or for humor sake.)  Add a little extra dialog to make it sound like a real-ish interview.  Most importantly.  Have fun.


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