February 10, 2014

A Little Slice of Life and Putting the Words Down

Distracted kitty lost in thought
It is hard to show your work when it is all in your head.  

    I have done a great deal of brainstorming for my current project.  It has been rather productive.  I have finally gotten a hang of some of the characters that took me so long to understand.  The plot is finally starting to become more coherent and logical.  The problem is I have very little to show for it.  I have not committed all these thoughts and ideas and changes to paper.  One problem with that is that the new information may very well slip my mind and disappear into the abyss.  What a frightening perspective.  I have felt so busy and distracted lately.  It would seem it is time for me to put my head phones on, ignore the world, and write until I am spent.  Do you have work you have been idly or actively putting off?

Writing Exercise: Buckle Down and Write

    This week think about some writing work you have been putting off.  Set aside at least 30 minutes.  More if you can, but at least 30 minutes.  Get yourself all set up, what ever your normal routine is.  (If you have one yet.)  Set a timer for your chosen minimum time.  Now ignore everything else and work on your writing until the timer goes off.  How much will you finish?  And once you are at it will you want to stop?


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