February 1, 2014

February Try-Its

Violets in a fancy box
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    Well February is here.  Time to make a new list of things I am going to try.  However, let me first take a look at how I did last month.  I did eat at the table more often.  It was nice to be more aware of my food and to look out the window and enjoy the view.  I did not make time for crafting.  I did spend a good bit of time being creative, both on The Sims 3 and with my writing.  I also got a hold of some supplies I needed for a craft project.  So hopefully I will get to that soon.  I didn't write and study every day, but I did most days.  You probably know from an earlier post that I decorated my sitting room.  I'd like to do some more decorating.  I think I will move to the office or the bedroom next.

    As for this month, I'd like to continue with my efforts to write and study everyday.  I'd also like to take another crack at learning to use GIMP.  November was simply to busy to really give the effort to learning a new program.  I'd like too be more creative this month too.  Do some crafts and maybe try some new things in the kitchen.  I am also going to give my best efforts to The Month of Letters Challenge.  I am looking forward to a fun February.

  1. The Month of Letters Challenge
  2. Learn to use GIMP 
  3. Try some winter themed recipes 
  4. Do at least 2 crafts
  5. Write and study daily

    Well that is my list for February.  Do you have any goals this month?  


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