February 13, 2014

Spotlight: Superheroesque

    Today marks the launch of a wonderful project from two amazing geeks called Superheroesque.

Superheroesque Icon
Image from Superheroesque

Who are these geeks?

    They are:  Mia Moore who blogs over at xo Mia about style, cosplay, and as she words it "Living the Geek Life."  If you are interested in trying out cosplay she has a great Cosplay 101 feature.   Liz Locksley is a "geek self-love blogger" who has fun blogging at Fluffy Bones.   She is a body positive advocate and cosplayer.  To learn more about Liz and Mia check out their individual blogs or check them out at Superheroesque.

What are they doing?

    They are combining geekiness and self-love.  They are creating a community where it is not only safe to be your geeky or nerdy self, but it is encouraged.  Their mission statement is "to encourage every geek to become their own superhero through a happy community of self-love and pop culture."  What is not to like about that idea.  Do you want to be your own superhero?  I do!

Where can you find this nerd friendly community?

    Pop on over to their awesome site, Superheroesque, and see what they have in store for you.  Click onto their About Page to find out more about them and their goals for Superheroesque.  From the About Page you can also catch a link to them on one of your favorite social media.  They already have some great stuff up on some of their social media outlets.


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