February 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Self-Love

Mockingbird nest?
I bet it's a mocking bird nest.  

    It has been an interesting week.  And I have something fun to announce to you all if you haven't already heard.  A new project is launching today that I am seriously going to be checking out and following.  Superheroesque!!!  Definitely check them out.  It is about self-love and being your geeky/nerdy self.  And those are two things I can get behind.  Here is my list of things I loved this week.

Texas Mountain Laurel
The Texas Mountain Laurel is starting to bloom.

  • Finding a nest in the Texas Mountain Laurel.  I think it may be a Mocking bird as I have seen those nesting in that same tree.  
  • The few hours of Texas weather we had this week.  Nice and warm.  
  • Having breakfast at one of my favorite breakfast spots.  
Tea and a nopales plate at one of  my favorite spots.

  • Nopales!! So delicious.  
  • Seeing some beautiful dresses coming out from my favorite lolita brand.  
    That is my list for this week.  What were the things that made you happy or smile?  Also go check out Superheroesque.  


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