March 2, 2014

March Try-Its

Lady in a hammock
Image from Antique Images

    March is here and spring is coming.  Time for a new list of try-its to tackle.  This month I really want to focus on self-love and my writing.  I also want to get back into some daily habits that are both good for me and make me happy.  There will surely be other things I will try out but here is the list of things I want to work on each day.

  • Use my Radical Self-Love Bible and do something for myself each day
  • Write a lot for my main project
  • Study: French, GIMP, Violin
  • Set aside time to read books at least once a day

    What are some things you will be trying out this month?  And are you ready for spring?  It starts on the 20th of this month.  Will you join me for another round of 13 seasonal goals?  


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