March 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Have a Sparkly Week

Hot air balloon
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    A gratitude list is a great way to help keep yourself from falling into the doldrums of life and seeing only the darkness.  It helps to remind us that there are sparkles and even explosions of happiness all throughout our world.  Have you tried at least taking note of the happy things as they occur?  Give making weekly gratitude lists a try.  What do you have to lose?

    Here are the wonderful sparkles that made my week a happy one:

  • Watching the live action Sailor Moon
  • Riding my bicycle
  • Dancing
  • Talking with my best friend in Google video calls
  • Looking at beautiful coordinates on Daily Lolita
  • Working and writing to 8tracks:
  • Being reminded of the lolita band Die Milch with this post on EGL. (PV) Die Milch - Rosaria
  • Abba - Dancing Queen I used to listen to ABBA rather often growing up.  
  • Talking about nail polishes.  I really love having my nails painted.  
  • Learning new things to do on the violin. Staccato!
  • Dreaming about the things I would like to bake.  Almond Butter Cookies are delicious. 
  • Taking some bath time 
  • Buying gifts for others 
  • Going to the Asian Market
  • Sitting by myself at a coffee shop  
  • Just generally spending time with friends 
  • Playing with balloons for the fun of it
  • Packages in the mail  

    Have a wonderful week.  Spring is just around the corner.  


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