March 27, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Tea

Orchids and Koi Pond
Taken at the new tea shop Jenn and I found.

    Has it already been a week.  It has been so busy for me.  there has been some really fun stuff too.

  • A pint of feel good ice cream.  (Mine is Ben & Jerry's Phish Food.  What is yours?) 
  • Trying new teas 
  • Getting back on the study wagon.  Studying French on DuoLingo again.  
  • Face time with best friend.  
  • Rewatching episodes of Once Upon A Time
  • Meditating again.  
  • Finding a new tea shop 
  • Koi
  • Finches
  • Tea with a friend
  • Trying red tea
  • Taro bubble tea 
  • Talking to someone who is very enthusiastic about tea
  • Making people laugh
  • Undisturbed sleep 
  • Having a friend to talk things over with 
  • Talking about world building
  • And More Science

    Has your week been interesting?  Tell me about it.  


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