April 9, 2014

Adventures in Feed the Beast: Exploring

Minecraft boat and gold shovel
My gold shovel of exploration.

    Well my strategy to focus on only one or two mods in Feed the Beast seems to have worked for me.  I am toying around with Thaumcraft 3 and IndustrialCraft 2.  I managed to find several other islands and a larger land mass not to far from my lovely island home.  I have brought back rubber and rubber tree saplings, which I planted all over a nearby island to farm.  I also brought back feathers and leather.  I even found acacia trees.  They are rather nice to look at.

    I am already making some use out of the alchemy turning metals from one to another.  This was super helpful when I needed just one more tin to build something in IndustrialCraft 2.  I also seemed to have spawned more than a few wisps in my experiments.  I have been lucky that either none of the wisps have been mean (hostile) or that I have just been lucky and out of their line of sight.  I have a growing lab on top of my hidey hole

Minecraft Mountain Range
Found a new biome.

    It is not so much a hidey hole any more as it has stair cases and rooms.  The wall around the front door is slowly being replaced with brick.  I would eventually like to build a castle like tower to put my lab in, but for now I am just building onto what I have.

    After several experiments and a couple upgrades I ventured back out to what I am currently calling the main land.  I went out exploring and managed to lure one of the ocelots into being my pet cat.  I have named him Simon.  Simon and I ventured deeper into the mainland and found a mountain range full of red rock.  It is a biome that I was not previously familiar with.  It has been fun to explore and I have started building a second fully functioning base.

Minecrafte tuxedo cat
Meet Simon.

    Anyone else play Feed The Beast Ultimate or any other form of Minecraft?  What are your favorite things to do in the game?


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