April 30, 2014

April Favorites

    Well April is coming to a close and tomorrow is May.  I'd like to take some time to talk about some of my favorite things this month.  First of all the weather.  I am so glad that it finally feels like Texas again.  Winter seemed to be teasing us for a little bit sort of going "Okay I am over" and then popping out again with "Just kidding!"  But the jackets have moved to the back of the closet and I am ready to make good use of my fan collection.  Which is a fun accessory to have by the way.

    And now on to a few of my favorite things from April.

Favorite Foods

Oroweat Multigrain Sandwich Thins 

    I bought these sandwich thins to try out a recipe I found from HEB.  Almond butter and fruit sandwiches. (which are great for breakfast)  I like the taste and that it has less sodium than the bread I was using before.  I also like the fact that the first ingredient is whole wheat flour.  Did I mention they taste good?

Almond Butter 

    I was never much of a fan of peanut butter. (even as a kid)  Almond butter on the other hand seems to be more to my taste.  I have used both in baking before, but this month I picked up some almond butter for the above recipe.  I think I would like to keep it as a staple in my pantry.  

Favorite Apps


    I found out about this app from the awesome site Superheroesque.  This app is a great way to build new habits and overcome bad ones. (as long as you are honest with yourself)  It turns your days tasks into little quests that you can complete for experience.  You have a health bar and an experience bar.  You lose health anytime you do one of your bad habits. (this is where the honesty comes in)  You also lose health for any of your "daily" tasks that you don't finish.  I am having fun with this app.  I am already to level 5.  Give it a try.

Pixlr Express 

    This app was suggested to me by +Jenn.  It has been fun, relatively easy to use, and quite useful.  I have been using it to alter some of the pictures I have been using on this blog. (Including the image in this post)  It makes it super easy to add words to images.  It also has some cool filters and overlays.  Still exploring this app, but thoroughly enjoying it.

Favorite Flowers

Baby's breath  

    These flowers look like many tiny clouds.  I think I will buy some more of this delicate filler for myself in May.  Buying myself flowers has been one of the best small choices I have made.  It is a great and easy self-love act.  I think we all deserve flowers.

Favorite Shows

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon  

    The Sailor moon live action.  I like what they have done with this version, though it did take some faith to get into it.  I really enjoy watching Japanese live action shows.  I haven't seen a lot of different shows though.  I am almost done with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.  It has been fun and deviates in ways that I am enjoying.

Once Upon a Time  

    My friend lent me her copy  of seasons one and two.  I already loved the series, but missed episode 17 of the first season.  This is not a show you can just skip an episode in.  I devoured this show.  It is a lovely take on the old fairy tales with a nice dark twist and little references here and there.  Can't wait to see season 3.

    Those were my favorites for this month.  I hope you liked it and maybe found something fun or useful.  Was there anything that you fell in love with this month or maybe something new you discovered or were introduced to?


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