April 20, 2014

Tea Time Tuesday: Lotus Dreams

    For years now my friend +Jenn, from Just Plum Petite, and I have had a little tradition we call Tea Time Tuesday.  It started very simply between our college classes in the student union building on Tuesdays.  We would have something to drink (usually tea and occasionally cocoa), a small snack, and just spend time chatting.  Almost every week one or both of us would bring something new to try.  These were great times and we each discovered new drinks and treats.  These days our Tea Time Tuesdays have developed into full outings.  We both love tea and are always searching for new places to try.

    Last week we went to a tea shop we found out about on Groupon called Lotus Dreams Tea.  It is a small, quaint shop with an innumerable collection of tea cups and tea pots.  The atmosphere was instantly inviting and the teas were displayed easily in sight and were accessible to be smelt.  The range of flavors was wondrous.  I imagine we might take tea here several more times in the future.  They have a lovely sitting room filled with cushy chairs, paintings, and other decorations.  I really feel like this is the kind of place I will be able to visit time and time again and still be spotting details I didn't notice before.

Display of Tea pots and cups
Some of the numerous tea cups
and tea pots at the Lotus Dreams Tea

    We made this lovely trip with Anna, one of the lolitas I know.  Anna blogs over at Velvet Alchemy.  It was great fun and we had a fragrant tea blend called Sweetheart.  It had a nice perfumy smell and a mild taste.  Anna and Jenn both want to try out the White Rabbit Tea blend they have there.  It has a sweet smell and one of the ingredients is coconut.  I on the other hand have my heart set on trying their Firefly Chai.  It had such a strong, spicy smell and I am always on the look out for good spicy chai blends.  I do hope to visit this spot again soon.

Several Chairs and wall art
Loved the sitting room at Lotus Dreams Tea

    The three of us made our way across the street to the Middle East Market.  When I found out the other two had never tried baklava I swiftly corrected it.  There was the added joy that the baklava  was still warm.  I have never had it that fresh.  It dripped down the side of my hand and was so delicious.

    Our next stop was +Pet Smart and +World Market.  Anna and I looked at the fish for a little and then went next door to World Market to join Jenn.  I always like looking in world market.  This trip we were looking at chocolates, soaps (I love scented soaps), and furniture.  There is a particular sofa I think is just fabulous.  Jenn picked up a Ritter chocolate sampler.  Ritter makes great chocolate.  After this we took Anna back to where she was staying for here visit to Corpus.

Cozy Couch in muted color
This sofa is so comfortable
And great for lounging

    Jenn and I then took our tea time adventure to the La Palmera Shopping Center where we grabbed some food and bubble tea.  They have a nice variety of food in the food court and we both hunted around for something we would like.  I was surprised at how much I got on the veterinarian dish I got.  After we were well fed we took to some leisurely shopping down the mall.  We found some cute trinkets in Hot Topic.  We got a demonstration of hair serum at the Love Your Hair stall.  Such soft hair afterwards.  We spent more than enough time smelling things in Bath and Body Works.  I found a fragrance I would like to pick up in the future called Ocean.  It has a bold, clean smell.  We also manages to get to JCPenny before it closed to explore their Sephora.

Bubble Tea with Hello Kitty Witch
Lychee Bubble Tea

    It was a wonderful, full, and exhausting day.  I hope to go on many more of these Tuesday adventures.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  I will do my best to answer.  Also if you know any great places to get tea in the Corpus Christi area, please share.


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