April 29, 2014

Tea Time Tuesday: Old School Things

Tea Time Tuesday.  Stop and enjoy the little things.

    +Jenn and I had a fun trip last Tuesday.  It was a leisurely paced day.  I found some dandelions and we made wishes.  One of the fuzzy little seeds seemed to have attached to one of us and we found it dancing around the car.

    Always take time to enjoy the little things in life even if they are very small simple things.  Don't scoff at the joy a person can get from the little things either.

    We had lunch at Souper Salad.  I like their selection of things to put on salads.  They even have chick peas, which is one of my favorite things to put if I am going to skip dressing.  They had a delicious lentil soup that I'd love to get again.  Also, I am going to have to find a recipe for gingerbread rolls.  Such a spicy, wonderful flavor.

    After we were fed we stopped at this wonderful strip of shops on Alameda.  There are several antique shops there along with a few other types of shops.  We found some cool old school stuff there.

    One of the shops had a great selection of bone china tea cups and matching saucers.  We saw a lot of old style phones not just your curly corded land lines but those wood and metal phones they used in shows like "Lassie."  I do wonder if you could get one of those to still work as a land line.  I think it would be quite fun to at least try.

Vintage Portable Record Player

    Another item that particularly caught my eyes was an old portable record player.  The shop keeper played it for us and I have to say the sound was fabulous.  I want one.

    There was a back room in the same shop with several vanity sets, fur coats, hat boxes, and all sorts of cute hats.  There were cowboy hats, facinators, pillbox hats.  I think I went in that one room three different times.  We will have to go back another time and explore more of that strip.  It was so much fun.

    Next we headed over to Coffee Waves.  The gelato there is so tasty.  Jenn got some in vanilla bean.  It even had the little beans in it.  They had a lavender and honey flavor that I absolutely had to at least taste.  Oh what a fragrant flavor.

    They also had some delectable looking pastries.  For my snack I chose a pastry filled with blue berries.  We have been told that the pastries are from a local bakery and I foresee us hunting this delicious bakery down in the future.

    We settled in on one of their couches and melted into its cushions to chat.  It was a great and relaxing trip.  I hope to go antiquing again soon.  Maybe next time I can bring something cool home with me.  And now I will leave you with a picture of this fabulous door greater.

Vintage Giraffe with a Sense of Style


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