April 10, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: To Much Fun To List

Two bold, beautiful pink roses
These roses smelt great

    This week was pretty good.  I am feeling the energy from spring and I feel more productive.  It is a bit odd the weather is.  The mornings are a bit frigid for south Texas and then the afternoons will be rather hot.  It is kind of like winter is trying to hold on to us just a little longer, but summer is already taking hold.  I do hope our spring stays for at least a bit before we see the melting 100 degree temperatures of summer arrive.  I am looking forward to some picnic weather.

    There were lot's of fun things this week.  Here are a hand full of the things I loved.
  • Indulging in watching Once Upon A Time 
  • Many opportunities to paint my nails
  • Scented nail polish (Seriously this stuff adds a new layer of fun to my fashion) 
  • Adding essential oil to my play-doh (rosemary is such an uplifting smell) 
  • Using video calls through Google plus to essentially hang out with my best friend while we work at our computers  
  • Lots of lolita dresses and other fashion on my pinterest feed
  • Music
  • Goldie Blox Commercials 
  • Trying new makeup  
  • Nopales 
  • A new tea room that is so wonderful and cute
  • 8Tracks this week included:
  • Spending time with friends from out of town 
  • Fresh, warm baklava
  • Bubble Tea 
  • Blogging buddies
  • Shopping with a friend
  • Jamming out to a Beach Boys song in Bath and Body Works
  • BB cream
  • Introducing people to new things
  • Great nights sleep
  • Getting food so fresh I get to watch them make it 
  • Neko-jin Designs is a shop of cuteness that celebrates LGBTQ and gamer culture. They have foxes and dice!  I love both those thing! <3
  • I rewatched the TEDx Talk by  Luis von Ahn from DuoLingo  Duolingo: the next chapter in human computation: Luis von Ahn at TEDxCMU 2011 
  • This shop has some adorable head gear.  If you are into lolita or other alternative cute fashions check it out Bella Bows 
  • Art walk
  • Cute things
  • Seeing friends on the street and hugs
  • Stopping to smell the roses
Angled head shot of a grey cat
Fuzzy kitty face shot
Happy Thursday

    As I have mentioned several times before I am so happy that I started doing these TiLT posts.  Keeping a list of things that made me happy has been so beneficial to my general outlook on life.  I am so grateful to Gala Darling for her Things I Love Thursday posts.  I never would have given gratitude lists a try if I had not seen them on her blog first.  If you have not tried at least keeping a gratitude list on paper, I suggest you give it a try.  It is most certainly one small, yet powerful, step to enjoying your life more.  


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