April 14, 2014

Writing, Routine, and Adventures

Oleander Bush
Found a bee sleeping on this oleander bush

    Getting a routine down can really help you build a habit of writing everyday and help you push yourself to write faster and longer.  But doing things out of routine means that you will have new experiences to write about.  This week I tried several new things and did several things out of my regular routine.  While I didn't get as much writing done as I would have wished to, I do feel better than i did in the lull that winter brought with it.  This week I just didn't have enough time dedicated to writing to get all the writing I wanted done.  I am going to try to get myself back into a routine, while still maintaining room for adventures and the unexpected.

    Do you have a writing routine built in to your days?  How often do you abandon you day to day routine to try something new or go somewhere different?

Writing Response 

    Last weeks writing exercise was to write a haiku about something that is on your desk.  I chose a little rubrics cube key chain.

Rubrics cube key chain.
Something on my desk

A colorful cube,
shift, twist, and turn colored squares, 
puzzle to be solved.

Writing Exercise

    This week lets practice just writing.  So settle in at your favorite writing place with your favorite writing tools.  Write for ten minutes without stopping.  Write anything you like.  Even if it is all just useless stuff keep writing.  I find that sometimes you have to write through a whole lot of sludge to get to the gold.

    Tata and happy writing.


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