May 7, 2014

Let's Celebrate International Museum Day!

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Image from The Graphics Fairy

    This holiday takes place on May 18th each year.  It was originally created by the International Council of Museums in 1977.  I originally found out about this holiday from the very useful site Holiday Insights.  Holiday insights has a great list of bizarre, wacky, and unique holidays.  But there is so much more info out there about International Museum Day.  Just check out the the International Council of Museums' website.  Or the website set up specifically for the event.  It has press updates, details on this years theme, and a map of all the locations that will be participating.

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Image from The Graphics Fairy

    When was the last time you visited a museum?  I don't believe I have been to a museum since last year.  I have been to some art galleries.  But the sheer amount of knowledge you can find in a museum is outstanding.  What better day than May 18th for us all to visit a museum or two?

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    May 18th falls on a Sunday this year, but if you can't go to a museum that day try visiting one this month.  Check and see if there is a place near you holding any events or activities for International Museum Day.  According to the official site some museums make a whole week or even month out of the holiday.  And even if there aren't any official events in your area there is likely to be a museum of some kind near you.

Learn Something New, See Something Different.  Visit A Museum.

    There are all sorts of museums.  Art museums, science museums, history museums.  There are museums dedicated to specific cultures or locations.  There are even galleries and exhibits that you can visit.  Why not have a fun day with friends or family exploring new things?


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