May 29, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: This week went whoosh!

Vintage Rose
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    I feel like this week has whizzed by, but I also feel like I made some significant progress on some of my goals and in altering my lifestyle more to my liking.  As I look over the list of things I loved this week I realize there really was a lot that happened this week.  This is another reason to keep a weekly gratitude list.  How often do we forget all those wonderful little things that happen during our life?  I like to keep my list handy and just add to it throughout the week.  Looking over it really helps boost my mood.

    And without further ado my list of wonderful little things that made me laugh, smile, or totally nerd out this week.

    There were so many things that happened this week.  I look forward to life.  And I think that is a good feeling to have.  

    What did you love this past week?  Are you looking forward to anything?  


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