June 3, 2014

June Try-Its

Victorian woman with large hat filled with red roses
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    I must say the last week of May very well snuck away from me and it was June before I knew it.  But I am bouncing back on my feet and setting up some goals for the month.  Here are some of the things I would like to try and do this month.

    Clean for summer.  With the new season closing in quickly I would like to tidy up my home again.  I tend to do well when I set aside time for cleaning.  It also helps if I have a great podcast to listen to while I am working.  Two of my favorites lately have been Astronomy Cast and FabulosiTEA.  I also have some items that need to be taken to the consignment shop.  I'd like to do that before summer rolls in.

    Go see Maleficent.  Number two on My 13 Spring Goals for 2014 is go see a movie.  Maleficent looks beautiful and dark.  I need to treat myself to a trip to the theater.

    Try new recipes.  I have failed at my original goal of cooking 13 new meals.  However, I have succeeded at learning a few new recipes and I would like to add a few more new ones to my repertoire.  Perhaps I can share some of my cooking experiences here.

    Watch lots of FLoB.  I do love watching Kurt's show.  And I have fallen behind.

    Those are some of my goals for this month.  That and be fabulous.  I would love to have a hat like the lovely lady pictured above.  Also this Saturday is International Lolita Day.  So I bid you a frilly week.  And an even frillier weekend.  What are your goals for this month?


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