June 7, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: Vol. 1 - Purses that I love

International Lolita Day

    As a lifestyle lolita I have wanted to do more lolita posts here on my blog.  And today is International Lolita Day.  This is a fabulous holiday that happens twice a year.  It is an excuse to get all dolled up and go out.  Not that we actually need a reason.  It is also a great opportunity to get together with other lolitas.  It happens on the first Saturday of both June and December.

    Anyway back to the point.  I would like to do more lolita posts so I am going to try my hand at the Lolita 52 Challenge created by Caro-chan over at F Yeah Lolita.  I will try to do one of the prompts each week starting today.  There are several ways I could pick a prompt.  I could go through from 1 to 52 in order or I could put all the prompts in a container and pull out one at random each week.  I could also use my gaming dice.  But today I decided to just pull up a random number generator off the internet and have it tell me what to write. told me to do number 27.  Number 27 is "Purses that I love."    Well let's see how this goes.

Purses that I love

    I have to admit I have never been much of a purse person.  Not that I dislike purses, I just don't seem to love them the way other people do.  I am more practical with my purses.  I like a purse that is not too big.  I like a purse that will keep my stuff dry in a down pour.  I love a purse with pockets and compartments.

    I don't have a whole lot of purses.  They are mostly in neutral colors too.  But occasionally there is a purse that is so cute it catches my eye.

    This purse was sent to me by my grandmother.  It is far smaller than the purses I normally use and it is a clutch.  I am very attached to my shoulder straps.  I like a hands free purse.  But this little purple beauty is just so elegant and darling.  This clutch makes me wish I used clutches.  I am holding on to it hoping that I will find a use for it or figure out how to add a shoulder strap without ruining it.

Lolita Harajuku Double sides of Poker Shoulder Bag
Image from Spree Picky

    The Lolita Harajuku Double sides of Poker Shoulder Bag bag from Spree Picky is so cute.   And as and aro ace I have a special fondness for the ace of spades.  I really don't see it as often as I would like.  I usually see the ace of hearts.  And this purse has that too.  The heart is in pink and the spade is in baby blue.  The baby blue ace of spades was the side that made me fall for this purse.  White and blue is the color of one of the dresses I love to wear and I have been wanting a lighter colored purse as brown and black don't always look great with light colored outfits.

♥Check the link below for image♥

    This one is a wallet rather than a purse, but I still love it.  The Keep You Posted Wallet from Mod Cloth is adorable.  It looks like a little letter and I have been needing a new wallet for forever now.

    This purse has a bunch of pockets.  It is so easy to keep organized that way.  And it is casual enough to use whether I am wearing black or brown.  It was a gift from one of my best friends and it gets a lot of usage these days.

R-Series Classic Suitcase
Image from Qutie Land

    The R-Series Classic Suitcase would be the perfect classical lolita purse in my opinion.  It is definitely an item I hope to one day own.  But then I am a sucker for this sort of old world appeal.

    Are there any purses or bags that you have and love or would love to have?


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