June 14, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: Vol. 2 - The Item In My Wardrobe That Was The Hardest To Get

    I have been really lucky with my wardrobe.  This is greatly due to the fact that I am a thrifter.  Several of my pieces are second hand.  In fact I gather most of them are.  And the new pieces that I have sought have been easy enough to get.  You may be surprised to hear that the item in my wardrobe that was the hardest to get was my black beret.

    My desire for this item predated my days as a lolita.  Back then all my shopping was in physical stores.  I am not even sure if you could buy clothes on-line back then.  Now a days I bet it would be a cinch to get a simple, black, wool beret.  Let's find out.  There!.  Thank you Amazon.

    It took four years to find and buy my lovely little hat.  I think I finally got it from Dillard's.  I had seen one once before that, but when I went back to buy it it was gone.  By this time I was already dabbling in lolita.

    It was several years before I started to wear my beret, or hats for that matter, with lolita.  Berets are so cute though.  There are several lolita berets out there.  However, I find my simple, neutral colored beret, without any frill or lace, is a versatile item.  I can easily add a pin or bow that matches the outfit I am wearing and then take it off and replace it with a different pin or bow to match another coord.  This is a great way to get several looks with the same hat.  I do the same with several of my other hats.

    I must say, I am very glad for the ease of getting things on-line nowadays.  I am also happy that there are so many more options for getting lolita clothing these days.

    What item in your wardrobe was the most difficult to get a hold of?

    This was my response to the Lolita 52 Challenge question number 47.  To see all 52 of the questions check out the post over at FYeah Lolita.  To see the rest of my responses check the Lolita 52 Challenge Tag.


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