June 21, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: Vol. 3 - My Wardrobe Turnover

    My wardrobe turnover?  I have to admit that my wardrobe does not see much turnover.  There are some shirts I have had for more than a decade.  And they still look awesome!  Though let us focus more on my lolita wardrobe.  I actually still have the first lolita dress I got back in 2005.  That was some time ago.  I don't wear it anymore, I really just can't bear to part with it.    Several of the items that have been turned over in my closet have been items that just didn't fit.  Whether it was for size or style.  A pair of ankle boots I put on layaway last year were worn for a total of two hours.  They fit like mules and I was in pain after those two hours.  I like my shoes to fit very close to my foot and in boots I like good ankle support.  I actually gave them to a friend within a few days and she loves them.  One of the skirts I wore in my early days of lolita I donated within a few months because it was just too short.

    I am completely in love with probably each and every piece in my lolita wardrobe.  From my pastel blue and white off-brand dress to my American Duchess heels.  Though I do feel like maybe it is time to work more pieces into my wardrobe.  I have so many white blouses and not enough of other colors.  Especially black.  I have one black blouse with short sleeves.  I'd really like one with long sleeves.  Though seeing as I have so many white ones perhaps I should start dying some of them.

    I guess this post is more on the lack of turnover in my lolita wardrobe.  This is probably due in part to how I tend to wear things till they are not worth donating or selling.  Not that I am hard on my clothes, just that I wear them forever.  Like I said I have some shirts I wear on a regular basis that are over ten years old.

    Do you change out your lolita clothes often?  Or do you tent to hold on to each article for dear life?


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