June 20, 2014

My 13 Summer Goals

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    Tomorrow is the summer solstice!  The longest day of the year.  It is also the fourth season in a row that I will attempt this seasonal goals challenge.  It has been a lot of fun.  I have tried new things and been creative.  I have moved forward with goals.  I hope that my achievements and new experiences through this challenge will get bigger and better over time as I continue to learn and build more experience.  If you'd like to create a list of your own check out the guidelines I used to build my list here.

    For the summer this year my goals are:

Sew A Pillow

    I have been wanting to get back to sewing on a regular basis for years.  There have been several different reasons that I have had to put it off and excuses why I never sat down and just did it.  So this summer I am tossing out my excuses and breaking out my Kenmore.  I will start off simple with a pillow and hopefully start creating more fun with fabric.

Save $25 Each Week

    In my continuing quest to save up for the Texas Renaissance Festival and other fun I want to participate in I will be setting aside a little money each week.  It is just easier to set that little aside for a long time than to scramble for it at the last minute.

Decorate The Bedchamber

    I have done a good bit of decorating in my sitting room and I am so happy with it.  It is a great place to hang out with friends, read, or practice the violin.  As I look around my bedchamber though I am not filled with joy.  I have two pieces of wall art up and no other decorations.  There is a tendency for clutter to build up there.  I want to add some decorating love to my bedroom so that it is a nice place to wake up and start the day, rather than just a room I sleep in.

Image from The Graphics Fairy

Update My Wardrobe

    Another item for my own personal happiness.  My wardrobe has some lovely pieces, but it also is very lacking in many places.  I keep meaning to fix this, but alas intentions do not always lead to action.  I will have to sit down and write out all the things I need to update.

Try Astro Sketching

    I love looking up at the stars!  One day I want to get into astrophotography.  But that is not an inexpensive hobby by any means.  I have seen sketching used in several different sciences.  There are several reasons that I would like to try my hand at this.  It is creative.  It will keep a record of what I have seen.  It also plays to my love of the old.  Astronomy has a column on the subject each month.  Check it out if your interested.  AstroSketching with Erika Rix.

Create A New Outfit

    This one goes hand in hand with my goal to update my wardrobe and was thought of alongside sewing a pillow.  I do not know if I will sew or thrift my new outfit.  Or what style the outfit will be.  But by the end of summer I would like a new outfit.  I am leaning heavily toward a sun dress or a new dress for my lolita wardrobe.  Though I am toying around with the idea of trying to have a more masculine outfit by the end of the season.

Make A Donation

    I have no idea what or how I want to donate this season.  So I am leaving it open as it's own goal.

Attend A Meeting Or Meetup

    Based on the goal I chose as my difficult goal (I am going to revel that one last) I am going to be be prone to reclusiveness.  As such I figure a lolita meetup or a writers' meeting will be a great way to get me out and socializing.


    Here is my one sure fire outlet for socializing.  This is a crazy, awesome, international scavenger hunt!  You should definitely go check it out.  I participated last year and it was insane and exhilarating.  Here is a video that shows some of the great stuff that people do through GISHWHES.

Write 13 Summer Themed Poems

    Poems are something I have written for ages now.  Maybe by the end of the season I can submit some of them for contests or publication.

Start Playing Eve Online 

    I got to play this game for about six or so months and rather enjoyed it.  I have been meaning to start playing again.  I loved how challenging Eve was.  And how there wasn't just one way to play the game.  I also liked the idea that I could mine in-game and read a book in the real world at the same time.  How can you beat indulging in two hobbies at once?

Create A List Of Astronomy Sites To Visit  

    I love astronomy!  This summer I am going to create a list of sites I need to visit in my lifetime.  This list will include flight centers, launch sites, observatories, and anything else I think would be worth seeing for the astronomical awesomeness.

    And now for the biggy.  The item on my list this summer that will not only be personally challenging, but creative and pleasing.

Image from Camp NaNoWriMo

Write The Second Draft Of My Novel

    With 13 weeks and no clue how many words I am going to write out the whole novel beginning to end.  Hence my social life may fall of the planet like no ones business.  I have done a lot of work on the project and I am excited to move forward.  I hope to get at least 30k words in for the project during July for CampNaNoWriMo.

    So what kind of crazy (and not so crazy) things are you hoping to do this summer?  


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