June 12, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: A Feel Good Week

Hot air balloon
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    This has been a good week.  I have been busy and tried some new little games.  Got some Minecraft in.  Whoot!!  Talked with friends and hung out and got work done and whoot!!  This is just a feel good week.  Here is my list of fabulous Things I Love Thursday!!

  • The fabulous apron Twinkiechan is wearing.  And look at her hair and makeup.
  • Check out the  Asexuals Project.  A project aiming to increase the visibility of asexuality.  
  • Cosplaying kittens  
  • I listened to another great episode of FabulosiTEA  
  • Delisious cookies
  • A fabulous picnic
  • Bubbles
  • 8tracks this week are
  • Joking with other gamers  
  • Getting stuff done  
  • Chocolate chai lattes
  • Orange tic tacs
  • Just hanging out
  • A cool desert called xango.  It is chesse cake wrapped in a tortilla fried (I believe) and coated with cinnamon.  
  • Writing
  • Digital fish.  
  • Reading.  I have been switching between a few non-fiction informationals
  • Thinking up antics.  Nothing dangerous or harmful, just good ol' plain silliness.  
  • Dreaming of the antic and art we will create in GISHWHES
  • Thinking of my summer goals
  • Food
  • Minecraft
  • International Lolita Day!!!!!    
  • Art Walk!
    So tell me about your week.  How did it go?


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