June 19, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Fly a kite!

Blue angels kite

    It has been a tasty and fun week.  I have played a good bit of Minecraft.  Done quite a bit of riding on my bike.  Though it is starting to get hot out.  My lovely rides may soon only be in the mornings and late evenings.  Summer will be here soon and I have checked off several of my spring goals off.  I don't think I will see a movie before summer starts, but I am hoping to see Maleficent this month.  But enough of my rambling.  Here is what I loved this week!

  • Getting all the laundry done
  • Finishing Kyoukai no Kanata 
  • Playing with digital fish.  I'd really like to get a real one some time.  But for now the digital fish are fun and a bit silly.  
  • Baking myself a tasty dinner 
  • Cookie cakes (nom nom)  
  • Good advice 
  • Minecraft
  • Books and reading and tea!!! Great combo
  • Painting outside
  • The new bud on my miniature rose plant
  • Kitties!! 
  • Experimenting with fashion and makeup
  • The excitement of setting goals
  • Camp NaNoWriMo 
  • This awesome swimming pool idea.
  • Here are this weeks 8tracks: 
  • This keynote speech by Harper Jean Tobin on the future of transgender equality.  
  • Putting up more maps in my sitting room 
  • Playing the violin
    How did your week go?  Are you ready for summer?  


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