June 23, 2014

Writing Exercise: In The Spirit of Completing Things

Camp NaNoWriMo
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    I must admit I am intimidated by my goal to finish the full second draft of my current novel by the end of summer.  Part of this is because it is not just a matter of editing.  I am rewriting the entire thing.  The plot has changed significantly from the first draft and for the better I believe.  I spent most of the first draft exploring ideas and characters and the world.  There are still a few ideas that I don't have fully worked out yet.  But I am going to have to tackle them full force. Sitting around being too intimidated to start is not going to help me with that any.

    The other writing objective I set myself to is to write more poetry.  13 poems on summer to be more exact.  I have always loved poetry.  Or at least as long as I can remember.  I wouldn't say so much that I think writing poems are easy.  More that they come more easily or naturally to me.  I probably have a books worth of poems laying around in various states of completion.  Perhaps in the fall I will gather them up (or as many as I can find) and finish a few of them.

    Let's have a writing exercise in the spirit of completing things.  Find an old or current project that is not done yet.  Be that a poem or novel.  A song or an article.  Set aside some time this week to work on it.  Whether that means you will finish it this week or just get a really good chunk done.  Have fun and be creative.


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