July 1, 2014

July Try-Its

    July is here!  And that means a new list of Try-its.

At the top of this month's list is:

Write 30K words for Camp NaNoWriMo

    I have until September 22nd to write the second draft of my novel.  NaNoWriMo has always supplied a certain amount of support and motivation to let loose in my writing.  In the past it has also supplied me with the confidence to stand up for the value of my time.  Thank you NaNoWriMo. 

Another based on my summer goals:

Sew a Pillow

    I have this stash of fabric.  As in a big tub of fabrics.  I have had some of these for years.  It is well past time to put that stash to use.  Both my bedroom and my sitting room could use more pillows.  The only supply I will have to buy is the stuffing.  Or I could make a case and buy a pillow to put in it.  Who doesn't like a nice plushy pillow?  And they aren't terribly difficult unless you get into some of the detailed fabric folds and quilting.

Create a List of Astronomy Sites to Visit  

    I can't possibly finish it this month.  As they build new places and as I learn more about the field of Astronomy this list will only grow.  Starting the list and putting it down on paper is the first step.  It may even expand to encompass events I want to attend.  Do you have a bucket list of locations?

Write Letters

    It has been months since I wrote letters on a regular basis.  Time to write a few.  They are a wonderful thing to send and receive.  As I have said before, they are so much easier to customize than emails.

Learn Two New Songs on the Violin

    I really enjoy playing on my violin.  I think two songs is a reasonable goals for the month if I practice a little everyday.  I am not fabulous on the violin, but with practice I will get better.

And one more from my summer list is:

Start Playing Eve 

    To be very honest I miss having a game that has social options.  Granted a good bit of the time I played it before I was off by myself mining asteroids while reading a book or something at my desk in the real world.  Then other times I was so involve in scanning that even if some one was with me I wasn't really interacting much.  It was still grate to be able to have that option to just chat with someone over the headsets while enjoying the game.  

    Now on this one I am going to have to add an if.  I will only start playing Eve if:  
  1. I already have 15K words written.  
  2. I have already learned one song.  
    So this try it will be sort of a treat for myself.  XD +EVE Online 

    Very well then.  I have a lot of writing to do.  Tata.  


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