July 26, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: Vol. 8 - Favorite Thing To Put On My Head

   Hello again.  ♥  This is my eighth post for the Lolita 52 Challenge from +Caro Dee's FYeah Lolita.  If you love lolita fashion you should go check out the list out.  Each Saturday I will answer one of the questions on the list.  Last week I talked about keywords that describe my personal Lolita style..  This week I am talking about number four,  my favorite thing to put on my head   If you'd like to see the rest of my answers they are all listed under the Lolita 52 Challenge tag.

    There are numerous things to put on your head in this fashion from simple clips and bows all the way up to cake hats and satellite dish bonnets.  I have considered trying some of the more subtle bonnets from time to time and cake & tea cup hats are simply adorable.  I'd love to make or buy one to try out.

    However my favorite thing to put on my head, whether I am wearing lolita or not, are hats.  I love hats.  It started with my first beret (pictured above) and has grown into a small collection.  I have various styles.  I don't have any ornate hats.  They are all fairly simple, which makes it easy to add broaches, pins, and feathers to get the perfect look for a co-ord.

Collection of hats
Here are a few of the hats in my collection.  

    My most ornate hat is my renaissance hat.  A beautifully crafted piece by Excalibur Leather.  As an honorable mention in my head donning collection I also love the two matching bows I purchased from Eat Me, Ink Me to go with the Wine Lover's skirt I bought from them.

Bows by Eat Me, Ink Me
Bows made by Zeloco of Eat Me, Ink Me.

    That is what I love to put on my head.  +Caro Dee did a great post entitled What's That On Your Head?!- Odd Lolita Headwear that is a fabulous read.  Do you wear anything on your head?  Do yo want to?  


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