July 30, 2014

My July Favorites

McDonald Observatory up on a mountain.

    July has been a fun and interesting month.  I went off on an adventure in west Texas.  I wrote like mad.  I got some great times hanging out with friends.  It has been a good month over all.  Here are some of my favorite things this month.

Favorite Places  

    In our adventures in west Texas my friend and I visited the Davis Mountains State Park.  Oh my gods it is beautiful out there!  We went hiking for three hours before deciding on a lovely outlook there to eat our lunch.  We ate sandwiches and cantaloupe from the Stone Village Market in Fort Davis.

    During our hike we took countless pictures of flowers and the landscape.  I spotted a vein of some kind of stone.  We also found a splendid place to sit down and meditate for a few minutes.  It was a stunning place to visit and I am set on going back at some point in the future.

Exposed mineral.
I need to brush up on my knowledge of rocks and minerals.

   I also can't go without mentioning the absolute joy and elation of visiting the McDonald Observatory.  Astronomy is awesome!  I got to move the dome!  I got to talk with astronomers!  I went to a star party in person, on site!  Happiness!!!

Favorite Shows

    Sailor Moon Crystal premiered this month.  I got to see the first episode with some fellow moonies.  I missed the second episode because I wasn't feeling well, but I am going to see it soon.  The show is so beautifully depicted.  And they say it is written more true to the manga.

The 107 inch telescope at the McDonald Observatory.
It's so big in person.  

Favorite Food & Drinks

    This month I have been enjoying mango juice.  It is tasty and really high in Vitamin C.  I have also had Hello Panda (strawberry.)   They are tasty little biscuits/cookies with strawberry filling in the center.  The buttermilk pie at the Blue Mountain Bistro was divine.  It was so good that at that moment buttermilk was my favorite pie.  I also got to enjoy a steaming cup of tea from Tea Anytime.  It was a fig tea and was sweetened with agave.  It was a great beverage and I always look forward to visiting that tea room.

Favorite Apps 

    Some time back I went in search of an app or game that would give me some of the satisfaction of having a fish tank.  I tried two different apps and have decided I really enjoy AquaLife 3D.  There are no mini games or excessive ads.  Just a tank of fish to feed and grow.  Sometimes I will just watch the fish swim around.  

    Those are some of my favorite things this month.  What made your list of favorites?  


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