July 7, 2014

Writing and Details

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    I have been trying to focus on my writing for NaNoWriMo.  I have had to make some trips out on errands though.  Some for research for my novel.  One of these trips took me to the local library.  It started to sprinkle.  It was then I noticed the sound that the rain drops made on the leaves of a tree.  A soft plip noise.  I had been so caught up in things that I didn't seem to have been paying attention to these little details in life.  I decided that I could do a scene of it rain in my story soon.  I also made an effort to be more attentive of the little details in life.  I have notice several things.  I have also been inspired by some of the silly things I have done this week.

    I was taking out the old flowers from the vase.  The flowers had dried up.  As I moved them petals fell off and onto the table and the surrounding floor.  there was something lovely about them on the small table.  So I began to shake the rose stems to loose more petals upon the table and floor.  It was quite fun.  I decided that this would inspire a holiday in the world I am writing about.

    Another instance of inspiration and attention was yesterday morning while I was practicing with my meditation balls (Baoding balls).  I was practicing for five minutes in each hand.  The wrist was not the first place I felt tension.  It was one of the muscles in my forearm.

    Have you stopped to notice the finer details of how your coffee smells?  Or the particular sound your car makes when you hit the breaks.  There are so many details and you never know what they might inspire or what details may come in handy.

    For today's writing exercise let's pay attention to little details.  Try to pay attention to little details for a day.  Take a moment to savor your food.  Stop to smell the flowers and listed to the birds.  Watch the sunset or a crane lift something.  Then think of how you can incorporate what you learned in to writing.

    Have fun and be creative.


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