July 14, 2014

Writing Exercise: About Myself As A Writier

Vintage image of girl and cat plushy in front of typewriter.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    When I was a teen I used to sit places and write poetry and dream up tales to tell.  I loved to play with words.  I am not sure at what age I started to do this.  I know I didn't start to love reading until I was older than most my friends were when they started to love reading.  The key for me was that I started to love reading when I was finally allowed to read for myself and not forced to read things.  I started to love reading when I didn't have to fill out a report or get up in front of class.  I do not know when I started to make my own stories.  It was likely long before I started to love reading.

    But I also love to write poetry.  It is like painting a picture with words.  it is messy and artistic and I don't think I will ever stop thinking of poetry as a part of myself.  I remember there was a poem I worked on for years.  I still don't consider it complete.  It had to do with the sky and how beautiful I thought it was.  I got some mean comments when I told people how long I had been working on the poem.  It made me feel bad back then.  But now a days I don't much care.  The poem wasn't perfect.  So it wasn't done and I spent a lot of time trying to perfect it.

    I tried when I was a teen to do short stories, but so many of my ideas were just too big to be a short story.  Too many characters and too long of a plot.  Too many ideas all braided together.  I have recently decided to do a short story.  So I'll just have to see how it turns out.  It was inspired by a beautiful piece of art.  That is how inspiration is for me.  A sound, a concept, an image.  Anything can get my mind bubbling with ideas.

Writing Exercise

    For this weeks writing exercise I challenge you to write about your experience with writing.  It doesn't have to be everything you.  Just dive in and see what comes out.


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