August 1, 2014

August Try-Its

Image from The Graphics Fairy

    August the first marks a day to rest from writing my novel.  Less because Camp NaNoWriMo is over and more because GISHWHES is coming!  Tomorrow!  I am going to embark on an insane, abnosome scavenger hunt.  So I must do all the cleaning and other menial tasks today.  Those ones I put off during July too.  Got to get it all done.  So naturally the first thing on my list of thing to try this month is:

  • Complete as many items as possible for GISHWHES!  
  • Write another 30K words for my novel.  
  • Add more structure and planning to my writing habit.  

    And with that I am off to go get things done before the madness sets in.  What would you like to try or to achieve this month?  


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