August 2, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: Vol. 9 - My Favorite Lolita Brand

   Welcome back!  Or if this is your first time here, Hello!  ♥  This is my ninth post for the Lolita 52 Challenge from +Caro Dee's FYeah Lolita.  If you love lolita fashion you should go check out the list .  It is plenty of fun to blog about or as conversation starters at meet ups.  Each Saturday I will answer one of the questions on the list.  Last week I talked about my favorite thing to put on my head..  This week I am talking about number six,  my favorite Lolita brand.  If you'd like to see the rest of my answers they are all listed under my Lolita 52 Challenge tag.

Mary Magdalene Mille Rose OP 2007 Mint
Image from hello lace

    My favorite brand has long been Mary Magdalene.  I love the aesthetic of their clothing.  It is classical & elegant, it is feminine, and the attention to detail is phenomenal.  Mary Magdalene uses a lot of ruffles in some of their designs.  They also have some great colors.  They even delve into some of the colors that I don't see as often in lolita dresses, like khaki green.  They use a lot of solid colors, but they also use pinstripes, tartan, polka dots, and floral fabrics.

Mary Magdalene Audrey OP 2009 Tartan Beige
Image from hello lace

    I would love to add a piece or two from Mary Magdalene to my closet.  Many people have dream dresses.  I have a dream brand.  I am in love with the look of these clothes.  If I get a chance to add a Mary Magdalene dress to my closet I would love to get something in the color they call strawberry.  It looks very much like the color wine or burgundy to me and is one of the colors I have always felt comfortable in.  Alternatively, I would love to get their first border print Perfume Bottle Doll OP.

Mary Magdalene Petit Bouquet OP 2008 Biscuit x Chocolate
Image from hello lace

    So that is my favorite Lolita brand.  Which is your's?


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